“The Mind of Jake Paul” proves that Jake Paul isn’t a sociopath
Art by Accolade graphics editor Jaime Park

You’re probably aware of YouTuber Shane Dawson’s controversial documentary series regarding Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul. The videos, titled “The Mind of Jake Paul,” has accumulated 141 million views and counting as of Oct. 30.

Like these viewers, I was instantly drawn into the suspense with the eerie background music, and as the documentary came to an end, I couldn’t help but praise Dawson for such an insightful, educational yet humorous masterpiece.

Throughout the eight-part series, each lasting 40 minutes, Shane talks about the sociopath’s characteristics, which led me to ask: Does Jake Paul have a sociopathic personality disorder?

Starting on Sept. 25, Dawson released two videos per week until Oct. 18, exploring facets of the Paul brothers’ personality, family and drama.

Along with the tens of millions of other viewers who are obsessed with “The Mind of Jake Paul” series, I have constantly wondered about Jake Paul’s family and friends’ perspectives on his crazy personality and his life off camera. Jake Paul’s brother, Logan Paul, has admitted that he acquires sociopathic tendencies, but Jake Paul’s thoughts on being labeled as a sociopath by the public is still a mystery.

After watching all eight videos, I don’t think Jake Paul is a sociopath. According to episode 2 of Dawson’s series, some qualities of the personality disorder include lack of empathy, difficult relationships, hostility and risky behavior. As Dawson digs through Jake Paul’s videos over the years, he notices that he does hold empathetic qualities from his friends as well as his family. His quaking voice and saddened eyes when he explained his situation about his ex-girlfriend and social media star Alissa Violet made Dawson understand that his “savage” and tough facade was used to hide his vulnerability.

Behaviors exhibited by Jake Paul is horrifying — some being inexcusable — but I don’t think viewers should jump to conclusions and point fingers based on rumors.

Many personal factors can play into Jake Paul’s actions throughout his videos. The idea of being able to obtain more than what you already have by creating crazy content (such as handcuffing his sleeping friends onto a bed frame to lighting his empty swimming pool on fire), may be the reason why Jake Paul has become such a controversy.

I can’t and shouldn’t make assumptions about anyone’s mental health. Yet, through speculations, Jake Paul simply looks like a lost boy trying to make a living off of stunts and pranks rather than an individual suffering from a personality disorder.

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