TC becomes staple for students’ after-school eats
Students can enjoy a variety of food at Town Center (Photo by Accolade photographer Kimberly Morales).

Once the bell rings for lunch, many Sunny Hills students talk about what they want to eat.

“I’m going to TC to get KFC. Be back in a few minutes.”

“Cool! Can I come with?”

Town Center [TC] is a shopping center located in Fullerton, Calif. that includes Target, Barnes & Noble and many restaurants. The choices are endless: family restaurants, a buffet and fast food. To those who want to spend their time relaxing at TC, here are some recommendations.

For people who enjoy Korean cuisine, a new restaurant called Moobongri Soondae opened a few months ago. Soondae is a Korean blood sausage that is often served in a soup known as soondae-guk or hot pot soondae jun-gol. Soondae-guk costs $10.99, while soondae jun-gol costs $35.99. This restaurant also offers other traditional dishes such as bossam, a pork belly dish that costs $32.99.

Some students have visited the restaurant and shared some positive feedback about it.

“I usually go to TC a lot because I really like Korean food,” senior Celine Tseng said. “I’m glad that we finally have one here in the area, and it was really good, especially the Galbitang (beef rib clear soup) when I tried it.”

Another highlight in this center is Ono Hawaiian BBQ, introduced in 2017. The restaurant provides Hawaiian cuisine in plate lunches. The prices for the meals are cheap, ranging from $2.87 to $5.59, and the restaurant offers customers the menu choice to eat either “healthy” or “spicy”—for example, Tonkatsu (breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet) or island fire chicken.

“I go [to Ono] all the time, and I love it a lot better than Korean Tonkatsu,” senior Aylen Park said. “[The restaurant] gives you a variety of meats, which is really cool.”

Students have also frequented Dickey’s Barbecue because it provides multiple choices for customers. Meat plates cost $9.75 to $14.75, and sandwiches like “The Westerner” cost $7.95.

“I like how they have spicy and sweet barbecue sauce because I usually prefer sweet,” freshman Dylan de Simone said. “Also, after you order and get your food, you can get free ice cream.”

On the other hand, Pho Zip is appreciated by many, as the restaurant gives complimentary drinks. The pho combo costs $9.99, giving customers the freedom to choose any meats in this meal.

“Pho Zip is good, and they gave us small cups of complimentary milk tea with boba,” freshman Emily Kim said. “I like boba from here because there are lots of different things to try, including grape slushies, but I haven’t gotten a chance to try boba from anywhere else yet.”

Rubio’s Coastal Grill and Islands are great places to eat at, since both have great customer service and many food options, freshman Elaine Chu said. Rubio’s fish tacos cost $2.99 each and $6.99 for a 2-taco plate. Islands provides gluten-free food, like the $10.85 Big Wave burger.

“My favorite is Rubio’s because of the delicious Mexican food they have, along with their seafood,” Chu said. “Islands is a great place to eat with friends because they aren’t annoyed when you ask them to split the bill for you and your friends.”

Meanwhile, sophomore Emily Pham prefers fast food restaurants because it is a quick stop to get food. For example, Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] has a special “$5 Fill Up” meals, like the drumstick and thigh meal.

“I really like KFC because it’s cheap, and it’s close by,” Pham said.

While students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of restaurants to satisfy their cravings, the center has limited places for drinks. But when people think of having an iced coffee, vanilla bean crème frappuccino or Teavana iced tea, they usually go to Starbucks.

“I can study and chat with my friends while drinking iced caramel macchiato,” Tseng said. “Everybody likes Starbucks.”

Overall, the restaurants in TC offer different choices for everyone to enjoy. People can find what they like when they come down to visit.

“TC is a great place for friends to hang out when there is late start or when you have a free period,” Chu said. “I think it’s really good to have a wide variety of options to choose from.”

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