Spring play brings ‘Miracle’ to PAC
A view of the stage with the dining table where the food fight scene occurs. Photo by Accolade photographer Annie Choi

“Fight, fight, fight, fight!”

It’s not Ultimate Fighting or a high school brawl.

Rather, it’ll be a key scene staged in the PAC as part of this week’s spring play about the dynamics between a teacher and her student, Helen Keller, in “The Miracle Worker.”

“The dynamic between Keller and her teacher is like watching two storms colliding when one is a hurricane and one is a tsunami and trying to see which storm is going to win,” theater director and adviser Amanda Gieser said. “So there is going to be a massive food fight in this play on stage and an actual brawl fight between the girls.”

Senior Gillian Urban, who plays Annie Sullivan tonight and Wednesday, participated in the food fight scene with senior Rachel Kim for the first time during dress rehearsal Monday.

“Before the food fight, I was really scared and worried about what type of food it would be, and I prayed that it would not be oatmeal –– but it ended up being oatmeal,” Urban said. “I thought it would bother me a lot, but by the end, I was so into the scene that I was not affected by it.”

That scene will lead into the play’s intermission, allowing the crew to clean up.

The poster used to promote the spring play, “The Miracle Worker.” Reposted with permission from theater teacher Amanda Gieser.

Meanwhile, “The Miracle Worker” is based on the true story of Keller, who fell ill at an early age and eventually became deaf and blind in the aftermath of her sickness. As she grows to be an adolescent, Keller’s parents hire Sullivan, a teacher for the deaf and blind, as a last resort to see if Sullivan can help their daughter learn and speak the English language.

“I’ve been wanting to do this play for a while, but I’ve been waiting until I had the right cast for it,” Gieser said. “However, after we finished auditions last April, I felt that I had the right mix of students with the group this year, so I chose this play for the season.”

She hopes the audience will come to see how determination wins out in the end for the main characters.

“In this play, we are presenting how Sullivan didn’t give up and was willing to try anything to reach Keller and teach her language,” Gieser said.


Another view of the stage where the cast of “The Miracle Worker” will perform through Friday, 2/15. Photo by Accolade photographer Annie Choi

On the first and third show dates, senior Zoe Young will play the role, while on the second and last show dates, senior Rachel Kim will play the part of Keller.

Because the PAC was scheduled to close this semester because of modernization, Gieser, as well as the cast of 19 students and crew, had been preparing for this play at Buena Park High School. However, before winter break, they received news from district officials that renovations have been delayed, which allowed Gieser and her cast to stage the play in the PAC.

“The news threw us off because we had designed our set completely for Buena Park High School and because their stage was much smaller than ours,” Gieser said. “So on our first day back from winter break, we had to spend that first week completely redesigning everything.”

However, the show must still go on no matter where it will be performed.

The show begins tonight at 7 in the PAC and will run through Friday of this week. Tickets will be sold in the quad during break and lunch or at the door. Prices will be $8 with an ASB card and $10 without.

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