Google maps, College Board, Common Application still need to update new ‘Lancer Way’ school address
SH's address changes from 'Warburton Way' to 'Lancer Way' on the street sign intersecting Bastanchury Road. (Photo by Accolade photo editor Megan Shin)

On Google Maps, the street view image as of Sept. 28 shows the intersection leading to Sunny Hills High School as “Warburton Way and Bastanchury Road.”

The source of this online view refers to what the area looks like from February of this year.

And the bulk of the mail that Sunny Hills receives each day still indicates the school’s street address as “1801 Warburton Way.”

Four months have passed since a Fullerton-contracted maintenance crew installed the blue “Lancer Way” street signs to replace the green “Warburton Way” that intersect Bastanchury Road. The marquees were switched after school officials decided using Sunny Hills’ mascot name would make it easier for others not familiar with the campus to find it.

To deal with the Google maps issue, school officials said they have been working to notify Google since the signs were installed during spring finals week at the end of May.

Principal Allen Whitten’s secretary, Patty Johnson, said she had put in a request four months ago to change the address from “Warburton” to “Lancer” Way.

“Google said they will email me when it has been filled,” Johnson said.

As of Sept. 28, entering “Sunny Hills” in a Google search window does show the new street name, though it wasn’t the case for the past four months.

And as for the mail, Johnson said Sunny Hills’ office staff has been in compliance with the U.S. postal service’s 12-month grace period to inform the public and other agencies that send mail to the school about the “Lancer Way” change.

“We are now putting everything with Lancer Way on it,” she said. “It’ll take some time for other delivery companies [to update their mailing labels]. … The postal service is aware of it, but we still get mail saying, ‘Warburton Way.’”

Another group impacted by the new street address is the Class of 2019 and any senior who plans to apply to four-year universities.

Upon applying online through Common App, for example, Sunny Hills’ address is still automatically showing up as “Warburton Way,” head counselor Beth Thomson said.

“The difficult thing is the school code for the SAT, ACT and anytime a student is applying for college our address is attached to it,” Thomson said. “It’s a work in progress; I will call [these agencies] and confirm if there’s anything we need to do on our end.”

No matter whether the street name has been updated or not, seniors applying to colleges need not worry that this issue would affect their college admissions process, school officials said.

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