Senior girls finding charitable ways to get their tutus for last day of school
Drama teacher Amanda Gieser (left) takes measurements from freshman Paige Zell, who offered to model for how tutu sizes are determined as part of the theater department's fundraiser. Photo taken by Accolade photographer Annie Choi

When the last day of school for 12th-graders rolls around this coming Friday, senior Harlin Bewli plans to follow the ASB’s “Thank God It’s Over Spirit Week.”

Bewli will be sporting her blue tutu to campus “to match my senior shirt,” she said. “It’s fun to see every senior wearing a tutu.”

To fulfill this fashion wear tradition at Sunny Hills, Bewli is among half a dozen students whom theater teacher Amanda Gieser identified as among those on her list who responded to the theater department’s tutu sales fundraiser.

This is the second year that Gieser organized the campaign, which ended April 26 and had a goal of raising $250. The tutu prices this year ranged from $10 (solid-colored) to $12 (two-colored) and $14 (rainbow), according to the theater department’s fundraiser flier.

Black, gold, white and pink tulle have been the most popular colors so far, she said.

“It’s good for our theater program to have something to give back to students as opposed to just asking for money [and] being able to contribute to seniors,” Gieser said.

Senior Faith Uyeno was more than willing to pitch in to get a tutu.

“I think it’s a great and easy way for the theater program to get publicity,” said Uyeno, who bought a $12 black and gold school colors one. “It also helps out all the seniors so we don’t have to make our own tutus, and we don’t have to go buy some random cheap tutu from party city.”

Neither tutu sales fliers nor morning announcements promoting the theater department’s fundraiser tempted senior Sarah Fristensky to buy one.

“I originally heard about it from my friends who were seniors last year [and buying one will] remind me of my memories here,” Fristensky said.

Though the tutus are popular among girls, Gieser said the fundraiser has yet to draw in any male customers. But that may change next year should she decide to organize the campaign again.

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