Red Ribbon Week quite not re(a)d(y) yet
Art by Accolade artist Erin Lee

This year, Red Ribbon Week has reached its 30th anniversary. However, the amount of impact it has on students is not enough to make a significant difference in high schools.

I have remained drug-free to this day, but Red Ribbon Week did not really play any role in it. I did not partake in doing drugs because I fear the consequences that will follow.

It is like stabbing yourself with a knife, you know it will hurt but you do it anyways; I would not stab myself with a knife.

Thinking back to all the previous years of Red Ribbon Week I have experienced, none of them made an impact on me. I decided that I would not do drugs, and nothing would really change my stance.

Red Ribbon Week is a drug prevention awareness campaign held every Oct. 23-31 to persuade people into living a drug-free life. According to, one of the campaign slogans includes, “Be a chooser, not a loser … Choose to be Drug-Free.”

Additionally, according to, “wearing red ribbons during the month of October continues to represent the pledge to live drug-free and honors the sacrifice of all who have lost their lives in the fight against drugs.”

The campaign reminds students why they should not do drugs and also shows the horrifying impacts it will have on students.

During Red Ribbon Week, students do various activities such as wearing the drug prevention bracelets or a certain color on a certain day; however, that is about it. Red Ribbon Week should develop into a more impactful movement because all it does is express school spirit.

Instead of schools focusing solely on the negative effects of drug use, schools should talk about the positive outcomes that result from the prevention of it.

Students should be constantly reminded that doing drugs will not bring any benefits. If schools can broadcast that information, then students will be more obligated to not do drugs.

During the announcements, the principal can say a word about drug prevention or a slogan so that the students are constantly reminded.

Red Ribbon Week is on the right path, but improvements can be still made. I can see it being more effective if the school lectures more about the benefits.

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