New teacher returns to his alma mater
Geophysics and biology teacher Christopher Ghareebo makes bonds with his students during class (Photo by Accolade photographer Kimberly Morales).

Coming back to his alma mater is not something Christopher Ghareebo feared. In fact, he was more than eager to return.

As of Thursday, Ghareebo, Class of 2009 and science teacher remains the only new hire as a full-time teacher of an academic subject in the 2018-2019 school year.

In his first year here as a teacher, Ghareebo teaches geophysics and biology, his favorite subjects.

“He teaches in a way that everyone can understand,” said sophomore Faith Georgia Pearson, who takes geophysics with Ghareebo.

Ghareebo is also the assistant coach for the frosh/soph girls basketball team and is willing to coach in other sports in the near future.

He also co-advises the Science Olympiad with Santiago Villafana, a math teacher.

“We need all the help we can get, so it’s nice to have a science teacher involved with the learning side of things,” said junior Cecilia Lee, vice president of the Science Olympiad.

His former life science teacher and colleague, Kathy Bevill, recalls never having any problem with Ghareebo.

“When he was a student, he was quiet, very organized and dedicated,” Bevill said.

By helping his students with whatever they need, he hopes to guide them in accomplishing their goals.

“I hope that students will learn how to use their skills to make a positive impact on the SH campus, as well as the community surrounding our school,” he said.

His first week was great with his bright, young students and expects for this school year to be a lot of fun.

His passion was not always geared toward biology, as he majored in political sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles [UCLA] in hopes of becoming a lawyer.

However, a spark of passion led him to pursue science instead. After graduating college in 2013, Ghareebo said he worked on obtaining his teaching credential from California State University, Fullerton.

“I love science,” he said. “I would spend hours and hours in coffee shops, studying science and taking courses at [UCLA].”

As a student at SH, he was on the track team and is still interested in sports. Outside of school, he likes to go golfing, go to sports games and play basketball every now and then with his group of friends.

“I love sports and helping individuals become better people,” Ghareebo said.

Although he does not remember much from his high school science classes, he does remember the dissections and experiments, making him want to do a lot of them with his students in his classes now.

Nearly a decade after he graduated from Sunny Hills, Ghareebo remembers being a part of the ASB as the senior class vice president.

“I wanted to join [the] ASB because it looked like a ton of fun, which was true; I had a great time my senior year because of my involvement in [the] ASB,” he said.

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