New PTSA locker online sign-up option popular among students
Sophomore Eric Yang attempts to open the locker he rented from the PTSA during passing periods. (Photo by Tyler Pak)

Despite an early glitch in the system, the PTSA’s new online locker sign-up that debuted in early August has netted more than a thousand users with 100 more students renting a compartment for their books or other items compared to last year, PTSA officials said.

“We currently have close to 2,000 lockers rented,” PTSA locker chairwoman Jenifer Nece said last week. “About half of those were rented online before Lancer Days when the system went live.”

In the past, the PTSA set up a table during Lancer Days before the start of school for students to pay $25 for a designated locker.

After two years of researching and planning ways to improve the locker sign-up program, the PTSA announced through an email sent by guidance technician Evelyn Casillas that lockers would be available for rental online starting Aug. 1 for seniors and juniors first—six days before students would usually get an assigned locker on campus.

Students can access the website by visiting the school home page at or by going directly to it at There, students can also pick which zone they would want their lockers to be in so they can coordinate with their friends to have their lockers nearby—a feature that was unavailable to students in the past.

But when the website went live at 8 a.m. for seniors, students could not sign up and pay for locker rentals because of an improvement the system creator was trying to make, Nece said.

“The launch of the program had a few kinks,” she said. “The system [was] completely down for the first two hours of the senior release time.”

Since then, PTSA officials say the system has generally run smoothly.

“The PTSA’s purpose is to enrich the school experience for everyone—students, teachers and parents,” Nece said. “We believe that the program has been a success. We look forward to more students using this option in the future.”

Sophomore Nathan Chapero is among those who had a positive experience with online locker sign-up. Using the website Aug. 6, Chapero said he purchased his locker in five minutes when it would usually take him twice the amount of time having to wait in line at Lancer Days.

“[When I heard] that I could buy lockers online, I was glad to see that the PTSA was finding ways to use technology in order to make [the process easier] for us students,” he said.

Another sophomore, Leanne Hong, also appreciates this change.

“I like the new process of [renting] lockers because I don’t need to take as much money to Lancer Days,” Hong said. “I can also see if the top, middle or bottom lockers are available.”

Senior Khushi Desai preferred to go online as she did not like the hectic environment of the lines in her previous years coming to Lancer Days.

“I [could] pick the locker I want, skip the long lines and get lockers near my friends,” Desai said. “It’s also faster to finish Lancer Days.”

Although the online system has become a more popular option, the PTSA does not plan on depending solely on online purchases.

“Lockers will continue to be available on campus because some people prefer to use cash or check instead of bank cards [or] PayPal [online],” Nece said. “In future years, I believe more and more students will rent a locker online, but we will continue to offer the on-campus options.”

This story was updated on Sept. 18, 2018.

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