Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific to host prom
Sunny Hills students going to the Atlantis-themed prom April 9 at Long Beach's Aquarium of the Pacific will be able to enjoy the evening with toerh aquatic life in the background as shown in the image that the venue's website provides to promote its prom hosting features. (Image reprinted with permission from the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific.)

For the first time in Sunny Hills history, the April 6 Atlantis-themed prom will be held at an amusement venue — Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific, where students can get a close-up view of various sea creatures while dancing the night away.

Many schools such as Troy, Orange County School of the Arts and Kennedy had their proms here, and the ASB was interested in having prom be held there since it has never been held there before.

Once the prom committee settled on the site, organizers said the theme for the 7-11 p.m. event came easily.

“Since the dance is at the aquarium, we thought it would be fitting to make the theme about Atlantis because we didn’t want to stray away from the idea that it’s about this great fallen city with crazy legends,” the ASB prom coordinator junior Aimee Park said.

Park said prom-goers can also check out the fish gallery on the upper level.

However, at 9 p.m, some exhibits on the second floor will close so the animals can rest, prom organizers said.

“[The aquarium] would be the perfect place for prom because it adds a more romantic aspect to the dance,” Park said. “It will be really interactive for the people who are going.”

The outdoor shark exhibit that features harmless sharks and stingrays is scheduled to be open all night along with outdoor speakers around so that students can listen to music while still outside, prom organizers said.

“The aquarium itself has a lot to offer, and the DJ will be playing music in front of the huge fish tank, which is a really cool feature,” Park said.

The company Pegleg has been hired to secure the evening’s DJ, the ASB co-adviser David Fenstermaker said.

Additionally, the venue offers a flip book photobooth for students, different from typical photobooths, prom organizers said. Students will be able to create a small book filled with pictures that they take with their friends for free.

“The flip book is a really cute souvenir that people will be able to take home that night,” prom coordinator junior Karen Lee said. “Students should definitely stop by and take some pictures with their friends so that they can keep it for their memories.”

Fenstermaker also noted another entertainment option for students: the interactive lagoon where visitors can touch some of the sea creatures like baby sharks and stingrays.

“There are more things for people to do and see, which makes it feel more like an experience,” he said. “People will remember that they went to this.”

For today only, students with an ASB gold card will be charged $85 per ticket, while those without one will have to pay $90.

Tickets will be sold during spring break on the sunnyhills.net website and will be charged the same price that tickets were sold today.

During spring break from March 25-29, the cost of a ticket will go up $5; after spring break from April 1-3, students with an ASB card will have to pay $95 per ticket, and those without an ASB card will be charged $100.

On the last two days before the prom, tickets will increase to $100 with an ASB card and $105 without.

“I’m excited to go to prom,” senior Kyle Gerdetz said. “I think it will be a fun time with my friends.”

Prom queen and king will also be crowned the night of the dance. At the dance, students will be able to vote on the 5-Star Students app for the prom royalty, and two winners will be crowned that night.

After watching Tuesday’s prom theme release on the jumbotron in the quad, senior Destiny Nunez said she’s looking forward to attending.

“It’s going to be a night to remember,” Nunez said.

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