Lil Yachty still needs to prove skeptics that he can produce a palatable album after his third disappointing studio album, Nuthin’ 2 Prove.

Throughout his 15-track album, Yachty utilizes a variety of different musical elements, such as violin instrumentals, heavy auto-tune and futuristic synthesizers.

Released Oct. 19 and announced on Sept. 14 through Twitter, the studio album consists of a plethora of featured artists, such as Playboi Carti, Trippie Redd, Kevin Gates and Lil Baby, who only contribute to cover up Yachty’s lackluster songs.

He sets up half of the album with heavy and grimy beats, followed by explicit and dark-toned lyrics to send a message to the doubters of Yachty’s success. After the eighth track on the album, he switches up the flow of the songs with electric keyboards and thick auto-tuned vocals in songs like “Worth It” and “Forever World.”
These two distinct sections starkly contrast with one another, with tracks 1-8 showing pride toward his materialistic possessions while disrespecting women in an explicit manner.

However, the rest of the album comprises of words that attempt to praise and show affection to women, leaving listeners to question Yachty’s real motives. He fails to deliver any of these messages, as his stale, sexual references and over-used trap beats ironically strengthen skeptics’ opinions of his mediocre music.

On tracks such as “Get Dripped” and “Gimmie My Respect,” Yachty raps aggressively and pridefully, which he attempts to perform with choppy beats and bizzare synthesizers. However, his macho rap style often produces a rugged, divergent flow, resulting in listeners reaching for the skip button.

Although tracks on the album such as “Yacht Club” and “Who Want the Smoke?” provide catchy beats, balanced vocals and clever word-play, the whole album does not reflect Yachty’s prime musical potential, as best seen in his 2016 work, Lil Boat.

Nuthin’ 2 Prove is another disappointing album with its meaningless lyrical fillers, repetitive trap beats and overall lack of musical talent, leaving fans nuthin’ worth listening to.

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