Library renovation provides 6 new TVs for students
World History teacher Jeffrey Gordon and his Period 2 students gather around one of the newly installed TVs for an Aug. 31 presentation (Photo by principal Allen Whitten).

As part of a $45,000 library renovation project that brought Starbucks-type furniture last school year, the Sunny Hills Lyceum now features five new 50-inch and one new 70-inch Visio TVs and remodeled flooring with a “SH” logo, school officials said.

“The reception has been really great,” library technician Laura Prompongsatorn said. “The new equipment has really helped upgrade the look of the library.”

The library revamp has been a work in progress for the past two years, Prompongsatorn said.

“It started with getting the first tall table with bar stools, and then we got three couches, two chairs and six stools,” she said. “Now there’s new laminated flooring with the big SH logo in the middle, and we’ve separated all the books and reorganized them into genres.”

The idea to renovate the library surfaced during PTSA meetings, which led to the decision to start the project with a $15,000 donation. In total, PTSA has contributed around $30,000 to the project, principal Allen Whitten said.

“SH parents were definitely excited about this project to be providing a great space for our students,” Whitten said. “Our district office has also acknowledged the importance of providing an outstanding library and provided some furniture funding, as well as the new flooring.”

After seeing the newly upgraded library, PTSA president Ivonne Wang expressed her satisfaction with the project’s outcome.

“I was impressed when I saw the library renovation,” Wang said. “The open plan concept and new flooring selection were a success.”

Despite the fact that the library has gone through changes already, the PTSA still hopes to continue with the next phase of the renovation.

“We want to continue purchasing furniture, but as of right now, we do not have a project,” Wang said.

The 50-inch TVs in the library are each set up in front of a table, and the 70-inch TV is situated in front of a couch where students can sit and watch. Students are able to connect their school-rented Chromebooks via HDMI cable in order to cast their screens onto the TVs.

“Since the very beginning, the idea was to start changing the atmosphere into something more group-friendly,” Wang said. “We wanted to encourage collaboration and facilitate learning.

Although the new TVs come with a multitude of uses, students like Senior Jose Pineda have been primarily using new equipment in the library for their own entertainment purposes.

“Usually, I use the TVs for watching shows or playing games during break or lunch,” Pineda said. “Everyone likes them.”

But Pineda questions whether the TVs were purchased for school-related use as well.

However, immediately upon seeing the new TVs, World History teacher Jeffrey Gordon saw the remodeled library as the perfect venue for his students to showcase their Google Slides presentations. He brought them in on Aug. 31 to display their projects.

“On presentation day, the group leader used an HDMI cable to hook up, and then all members presented their contribution to their slideshow,” Gordon said. “The large TV monitors allowed the entire class to listen to each group and take notes at every station.”

Freshman Reese Garcia, one of Gordon’s World History students, enjoyed using the TVs for presentations and found them easy to use.

“It actually went a lot smoother and easier than I thought it was going to,” Garcia said. “It was easier than signing in and out of just one TV for our projects.”

Gordon looks forward to using the TVs for projects in the future.

“We will definitely use the library again for these purposes,” he said. “Both technicians were very helpful and ready to assist.”

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