Letters to the editor – 3/22 print edition

I enjoyed reading the Feb. 22 edition of The Accolade.
All the articles were very interesting and fun to read.
One in particular article I liked the best was “Muckenthaler art show features student work” in the A & E section.
This one interested me because I’m also in photo class, and my photo was also displayed at the art show, though it didn’t make it as far.
Nonetheless, the article was intriguing because of the way it presented the nominees’ point of views.
— Ian Gonzalez, sophomore

I think that the March 1 magazine article about vape culture was really cool.
It really is a problem on campus, and it’s refreshing to see some coverage about it.
— Aliyah Ahmad, sophomore

The March 1 Accolade magazine article, “Ethnic pressure — it’s real,” really identifies with some academic stereotypes I observe around campus.
I agree with everything written, and I enjoyed insight from minority groups.
The three statements given by students of different backgrounds opened my eyes up to new perspectives of stress on each culture.
I particularly enjoyed senior Mark Ortega’s statement, ‘I always try to live my life trying to represent in a way a side of being Mexican-American that people don’t usually see.’
Overall, this spread and the entire magazine was very appealing and eye catching. It was like a mini yearbook!
— Kathryn Aurelio, sophomore

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