Jonas Brothers’ first single in six years, ‘Sucker,’ resonates with fans; music video also visually appealing
Art by Accolade artist Erin Lee
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What do you think about Jonas Brothers' new music video, "Sucker"?
What do you think about Jonas Brothers' new music video, "Sucker"?
What do you think about Jonas Brothers' new music video, "Sucker"?

It’s been six years since the Jonas Brothers’ last song hit the airwaves.

For high school music fans, they were in elementary school at the time when the brothers were first introduced in Disney’s “Camp Rock” and “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.” Because of Disney movies’ popularity, that younger generation became fascinated with the Jonases and eventually viewed them as a dreamy boy band.

Even after starring in the two Disney movies, the brothers rarely disappointed their listeners as they continued to thrive in the music industry.

For those still suffering the heartbreak of the Brothers’ official breakup in 2013, the good news is bands do get back together. Think Guns N’ Roses breaking up in 1993 and then reuniting in 2013 after a surprise performance in an L.A. club. Think *NSYNC disbanding in 2002 and reuniting in 2013 at the MTV Music Awards.

Released March 1 as a song and music video, “Sucker” is a dynamic piece with an uptempo beat. It’s reminiscent of the band’s earlier tune, “Play My Music” (“Camp Rock” soundtrack, 2008), which also featured repetitive bass strums.

The more than three-minute music video is visually pleasing for those obsessed with the brothers’ personal lives, as we get many scenes of each brother interacting with his significant other.

From the opening scene, we see a broad shot of a yellow car heading toward what appears to be a huge European estate with a courtyard leading to a plaza-like entrance reminding us of a medieval era or pre-French revolution period.

We hear steady drumbeats and bass guitar strums smoothly transitioning to repetitive rhythmic clapping.

Then the camera takes us inside as we hear the opening lines of the first verse and a closeup of Nick Jonas in a red vest clearly revealing his buff shoulders, crooning:

“We go together
Better than birds of a feather you and me
We change the weather
I’m feelin’ heat in December
When you’re around me.”

If that’s not nostalgic enough, the camera then pans to the other brother, Joe Jonas, who adds to the lyrics with “I’ve been dancing on top of cars/And stumbling out of bars/I follow you through the dark/Can’t get enough.”

By then, it’s clear to viewers that the brothers — with Kevin Jonas seen playing a bass guitar — are reintroducing themselves to their former elementary-aged fans who may still be following their personal lives by including their loved ones from the beginning and throughout the video all the while lyrically alluding to some of the bad boy shenanigans that Nick Jonas lived through, such as his past admissions of drug use.

When we see Nick Jonas, the camera quickly moves to a shot of English actress Sophie Turner, who is engaged to Joe Jonas.

Kevin Jonas’ wife, Danielle, appears wearing a satin scarf and shades; the camera again zooms out to show us that the two women are actually sitting on lawn chairs with their sexy legs showing amid a black and white checkered floor with several rabbits sniffing around in front of them.

Finally, Priyanka Chopra — wearing a yellow-orange, over the top puffy dress — appears from another room behind the band and moves toward the mic as if to sing with her husband, Nick Jonas.

It’s clear within the first 30 seconds of the music video that the brothers are performing for their loved ones. Perhaps they want to give the impression that they are getting together for a family reunion and hey, someone set up mics and instruments in the living room, so why not get together and sing for our loved ones?

But the video is not just all about an impromptu performance as the camera cuts away to more frolicking scenes outside the mansion of one of the women riding a bicycle and another Jonas couple playing around what appears to be a pink ladder.

By the time we finally get to the song’s chorus, hence the title of the track, we go back to the band’s performance with a closeup of Nick Jonas singing, “I’m a sucker for you.”

While the clapping continues in the background and before Nick Jonas can utter his next set of lines, viewers see a giant closeup of six Pembroke Welsh corgis being walked by Kevin Jonas’ wife (or are they walking her since it looks like the dogs are pulling her along?).

After we hear more of the chorus, “Say the word and I’ll go anywhere blindly/
I’m a sucker for you yeah,” we see Kevin Jonas putting on a red fencing uniform jousting away with an unidentified opponent.

A minute into the song, fans are hooked on the contrasting patterns and whimsical shots. Music video director, Anthony Mandler (“Monster”), then takes us outside again, but this time the brothers and their significant others are having a lavish picnic.

Nick Jonas starts the next lines following the chorus as he shows us his right hand and sings, “Don’t complicate it.”

Ironically, the whole lunch affair looks complicated and more chaotic for that matter with a broad scene of the back of Chopra wearing this time a puffy pink dress. We get cutaway scenes of Joe Jonas bringing British tea-time delights to the table and a closeup of Sophie Jonas shoving mini cakes into her mouth.

Joe Jonas is then seen lifting up his wife and spinning her around while Chopra chases her husband, adding a playful mood to what we’ve been watching..

Nearly halfway into the video, Mandler finally makes a visual connection to the song’s title with risque shots of the ladies covered with soap bubbles and relaxing in their own bathtubs; Nick, Kevin and Joe are shown head bobbing to the alternating guitar strums but eventually, they are seen in their own tubs as well.

In each person’s mouth is …. yes, a lollipop, aka “sucker.”

In one scene, we see Sophie Jonas wearing a rhinestone-encrusted fabric on her head with a red sucker in her right hand and a drink in the other; she takes a sip from her glass, then pours the rest out into her soapy bubbles and for good measure, spits out what she originally sipped like a water fountain.

To some, such a brassy move would be wasteful, but it signifies her care-free lifestyle and absence of obligation.

It gets even more rated PG-13 for viewers in the last third of the video as scenes of a large dinner party are interspersed with those of Nick Jonas kissing his wife. Joe Jonas is tied up and barely dressed with his fiancee wearing a black lace corset with black fishnet tights, topped off with a sheer beaver hat and showing us her tongue in a sexy manner.

Chopra is also seen taking off parts of her white gown and walking toward her husband in a seductive come hither manner.

It’s surprising that the clip ends with the brothers and their lovers dressed up again and posing for a portrait in front of a series of medieval bookcases — some would call this “portrait perfect.”

So what is “Sucker” about? It’s obviously more than just a lollipop song. The music video gives us the impression that it’s about the brothers enjoying their time with their significant others (being a sucker for each woman) while living a rich lifestyle thanks to their success as teen heartthrobs.

Though nothing has been leaked as to whether the brothers are working on releasing a full album, one thing is clear: America is a sucker for band reunions, and it won’t be surprising to see a concert tour soon.

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