It’s that time of year again: With the season just beginning, basketball fans everywhere have joined together to start their fantasy leagues. Many enjoy this time of year and even anticipate it. However, I believe that Fantasy Basketball is not worth the time.

For those unaware, this activity is a type of online game in which people create different leagues with friends to form their own teams with basketball players from the National Basketball Association. Based on the player’s stats, people can get “points.” Usually, the person with the most fantasy points at the end of the season wins. Often times, competitors will put money in at the beginning of the season and the top three places will split the money.

This may seem like a great way to spend time with friends. However, my experiences with Fantasy Basketball were never good.

I found myself sitting in my dark room, staring at the dimly lit iPhone screen confused as to what to do. The app design was messy, and the content just seemed to be randomly thrown around everywhere. This made the app extremely difficult to navigate, which made my fantasy basketball experience even more unenjoyable.

Eventually, I got used to the interface, and a few days later, as I sat at my desk working on homework, I got texts from my friends telling me that the draft was starting. I quickly dropped my work and snatched my phone off my nightstand, with my fingers scrambling to open the app. I was then faced with another inconvenience –– the draft itself.

What was most frustrating was that the process was very confusing. The order of choosing players was unorganized and unpredictable. My eyes grew weak as I sat on my bed for nearly half an hour trying to figure it out.

After a long and grueling draft (about an hour), I didn’t have a SINGLE player that I wanted. Also, once the season started, when my friends had explained the points system, it seemed like a foreign language to me. A few weeks in, I decided that Fantasy Basketball was not for me.

Maybe my mind could be changed if the draft were more organized. The app could have a set pattern of when someone gets to choose. Perhaps, it would be more enjoyable if the scoring system were easier to understand. Instead of having all of these different ways to get fantasy points, a universal way of doing it should be made. However, as of now, it’s just as confusing as it ever was before.

Recently, a few of my friends have once again eagerly contacted me, asking me to join their leagues. With their consistent pestering, I decided that I will try it out again. This time, I’ve done a lot more research, and I am better prepared, so it will be a lot more enjoyable –– I hope.

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