Despite a four-year absence since his last award-winning album Listen released in 2014, French DJ and songwriter David Guetta returns with a spectacular double album that pleases his fans with pop collaborations and even surprises them with an alias, Jack Back.

Released Sept. 14, 7, named for his seventh studio album, encompasses a vast diversity of pop, rap and dance music, featuring stars such as Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Jason Derulo, which satisfies fans who are eager to listen to past collaborators again.

Not only is Guetta reunited with these collaborators in 7, but he is also joined by two new collaborators Anne-Marie in the track “Don’t Leave Me Alone” and Madison Beer in “Blame It On Love,” giving listeners a range of new voices to enjoy.

The album features commercial pop collaborations in the first part of the album, whereas the second part features new underground music, with 12 credited to Jack Back, Guetta’s alias as a means to release more dance music alongside his pop songs.

The 27-track album lasts 90 minutes and is definitely worth listening to for its strong beats and meaningful lyrics. Although most of the songs on the album have already been released before as singles, Guetta manages to combine the releases in order to make a perfect album that listeners can love.

The album begins with “Don’t Leave Me Alone” that features rising star Anne-Marie, which was not only released as a single on July 27 in What a Music and Parlophone, but also with a music video to complement the song. Not only does it spark some romance, but the song also includes a sort of electronic vibe alongside pop music. Listeners can enjoy an expression of love alongside an electronic tune in this beginning track.

Subsequently, “Battle,” featuring Faouzia Ouihya as a new collaborator, is one of the best tracks on the album. Spreading empowerment and courage, this tune acts as a motivational song for listeners. “Battle” creates a sense of boldness and power and is a great addition to the album.

Additionally, Faouzia does Guetta’s message of the song justice when she sings “we don’t need any armor” and “our momentum has fire” in a passionate, deep and strong voice. She fits perfectly for this song, especially when her strong voice complements the bold message.

The second part of the album is credited to alias Jack Back. As clever as it is, debuting a new alias gives Guetta an opportunity to rebrand and release music that appeals to a fan base outside his norm. Guetta experiments with new upbeat and electronic sounds in the second part of the track and steps outside his comfort zone, giving the audience a variety of genres to listen to.

The name Jack Back is David Guetta. Representing a different side of Guetta, he experiments with different tastes of music, and the second part of the track is all the way electronic.

The first track of the second part of his album is “Reach for Me.” Despite a repetition of lyrics, this upbeat song mostly focuses on the electric style of music, different than that of Guetta’s usual style.

Because Guetta focuses on the electric style of music, the song “Inferno,” which is in the second part of the t of the album, contains no lyrics –– rather, it focuses on the Electronic Dance Music genre, a major theme of the experimental side of this album.

Listening to this album that includes featured rising stars and an experimental style of music satisfied fans’ hopes for another great Guetta album despite a four-year absence, and they were definitely happy that Guetta is Back.

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