BTS concert leaves fans in tears
Photo by Accolade reporter Lauren Kim

Attending the sold-out BTS World Tour: Love Yourself was truly a breathtaking and life-changing experience.

The boys performed at the Staples Center Sept. 5-9. The Sept. 6 concert I watched featured music from their past albums, including Love Yourself: Answer, which dropped on Aug. 24.

I attended the concert on Thursday, September 6, and had the best time of my life. As soon as the concert began, I started bawling while they performed their opener —“Idol”— I just couldn’t believe I was watching them perform in real life.

Ticket prices ranged from $90 to $1,000 solely for the seats, but the cost did not seem to matter for most people.

BTS has a lightstick known as an Army Bomb, which is connected to Bluetooth throughout the stadium and requires an app for the lightstick to function properly. According to the assigned seating, the Army Bomb produces different colors and glows at certain times, creating a fascinating effect throughout the whole concert.

From “Boy in Luv,” released February 2014, to “I’m Fine,” released August 2018, the boys performed a variety of songs that induced many tears and excited cheers from the ARMY, a name given to BTS fans.

For those who bought tickets in the “P1” or “standing” section, 500 out of around 1,000 lucky people were chosen to attend the boys’ soundcheck event, in which the band performed three songs before the actual concert began. The audience was able to watch them practice in the “standing” section, which is right next to the stage. The boys were only wearing street clothes and did not even apply makeup or style their hair.

My first BTS concert experience exceeded my expectations. I was hesitant to go at first because I was afraid of not having enough time to finish homework, but I’m glad I ended up attending.

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