Bad Suns’ music video, ‘Away We Go,’ takes viewers on airy, dream-like ride with post-punk sound
Bad Suns will perform May 11 at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. Image reprinted with permission from

The four-man group, Bad Suns, will perform at the L.A. Wiltern Theatre on May 11, marking the release of its eight-song, post-punk album, Mystic Truth. Its sound is reminiscent of the post-punk legends that the band members grew up listening to, yet their flair and style bring something new to every song they write.

“Away We Go,” the album’s lead single, is also a music video directed by Dan Huiting (“Big Sky, The River”).

Blue and purple stage lights shimmer across the screen as the quartet jams on an elevated platform –– its sound a blend of dream-like airiness and style, which draws viewers into the opening segment of the video.

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What do you think about the Bad Suns' new music video, "Away We Go"?
What do you think about the Bad Suns' new music video, "Away We Go"?
What do you think about the Bad Suns' new music video, "Away We Go"?

Close-ups of vocalist Christo Bowman follow as the band leads into its verses, and the camera pans through the playing ensemble during the song’s chorus. Iridescent stage lights shift to yellow and orange ones, effectively signaling the song’s progression.

The lights then fade to black as a slow lyrical bridge follows the chorus, painting the band in near-total darkness. Images of clouds gilded with a sunset light dance across the screens behind the band, a clever way to add to the song’s ethereal feel.

As the song ends, the camera pans to an image of one of the band members kneeling in a bed of clouds, accompanied by the ring of an amplifier.

Bad Suns has exemplified its authentic sound and vibe perfectly in its new album, and it is expected to do the same on tour. Viewers who enjoy the band’s ethereal aesthetic and head-bopping tunes should check out its website and try to get tickets for its upcoming show.

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