5 Sunny Hills students earn awards from Muckenthaler art show
Photo titled, "Reaching," by honorable mention senior Elijah Wylie

This story has been updated from the one published in the Feb. 22 Accolade print issue in the Arts & Entertainment section.

Upon a request to rejudge entries for a Muckenthaler art exhibit, the original list of only two Sunny Hills awards recipients has increased to a total of five with two third-place winners and three honorable mentions.

Two entries — one from senior Kiara Cortes and the other from junior Kara Hennessy — finished third in the 3D Design category, according to a revised list of winners emailed from a Muckenthaler official to art teacher Brian Wall.

“It’s cool because I wasn’t really expecting to win anything,” said Cortes, whose submission titled, “Tear,” is a white and metallic silver raindrop making a splash. “I was inspired by a song called, ‘Forever Rain,’ by RM, and I wanted to create something about it because I really liked that song at the moment.”

Hennessy’s “Balance” is an abstract ceramics piece made up of seven spheres irregularly stacked on top each other to show the imbalance of everything around her.

“I knew I won, but I did not know specifically what place, but I was really happy when I found out that I actually won something,” she said.

Their 3D Design teacher, Preetha Mathen, said she has seen an increase in the number of her students placing in this competition.

“I feel great, and I feel that they are hard workers, and it is nice that they are getting acknowledged for their hard work,” Mathen said.



Each of Mathen’s third-place winners will receive $50 at the April 16 Fullerton Joint Union High School District art show award ceremony held in the district board room, she said.

The rejudging occurred after district officials informed Muckenthaler judges of the need for two second-place winners instead of just one and three third-place winners instead of just one, Wall said. Upon rejudging, one additional honorable mention winner was added in the drawing and another honorable mention winner in the painting category.

The original list of winners from the “Fullerton Joint Union High School District Student Exhibition,” which ended its run at the Muckenthaler Feb. 24, only included two honorable mentions for Sunny Hills students, according to an email Wall received from one of the two Muckenthaler judges last month.

Those nods went to seniors Diana Wang’s “Upside” drawing and Elijah Wylie’s “Reaching.” But the rejudging added junior Yinghui (Maggie) Zhou, whose drawing titled “Still Life,” expressed the positive and negative side of herself, according to a Feb. 23 email from a Muckenthaler judge.

“I was surprised that I won since I submitted last year’s art because I could not finish what I was originally going to send in,” Zhou said.

The honorable mention awardees will each receive $25.

On March 22, the winning and honorable mention artwork from all schools in the Fullerton Joint Union High School District will be displayed for public viewing in the district board room, Wall said.

But because of spring break that follows the next week, the board room won’t be reopen until the week of April 1, when the public can view the artwork again.

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