Coming of Age Netflix Film ‘The Half of It’ tackles adolescent themes like sexuality and casual racism in today’s society

By Rachel Yun  /  May 30, 2020
In the new coming of age movie "The Half of It," Peter stops Ellie on her bike ride home to...
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Cavetown’s new hit album Sleepyhead is bound to be a hit for all indie pop lovers

By Dominique Chang  /  May 29, 2020
Standing in front of a red wall, singer-songwriter Robin Skinner, more commonly known as Cavetown, poses for the camera after...
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Cavetown’s ‘Sweet Tooth’ music video needs more bite

By Alexandria Kim  /  May 24, 2020
Cavetown's lead singer Robin Skinner in a close-up during the music video of one of his recent songs, "Sweet Tooth."...
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Those missing ‘Friends’ episodes need only to wait until May 27 when HBO Max debuts

By Alice Shin  /  May 17, 2020
Actor Jin Ha plays Augie (left), who joins Anna Kendrick's character, Darby, in a karaoke room as she looks for...
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Can’t go ‘wong’ with videos about Asian-American culture, identity from Wong Fu Productions

By Anthony Keem  /  May 15, 2020
Founded in 2003, Wong Fu Productions has posted several of its video shorts about Asian-American culture and identity for viewing...
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Netflix’s gory, violent ‘The Decline’ best for those with a strong stomach

By Sydnee Tallant  /  May 6, 2020
Locked and loaded, the survivalist trainees led by Alain (left) get ready for their next training exercise in Netflix's "The...
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Get ready to laugh at Wong Fu Productions’ parody of Netflix’s ‘To All the Boys’ film franchise with slight nod to Oscar best picture winner, ‘Parasite’

By Audrey Seo  /  May 3, 2020
An artist’s rendering of a key scene from Wong Fu Productions’ short video parody titled, “To All the Kevins.” Art...
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YouTube’s ‘Some Good News’ with ‘The Office’s’ John Krasinski uplifts viewers amid coronavirus crisis

By Michelle Buckley  /  April 12, 2020
“Stay positive.” “There’s a silver lining in all of this.” “It could be worse.”  These are among some of the...
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Get ready to sing along with Disney Plus’ latest movie adaptation of the young adult novel, ‘Stargirl’

By Hope Li  /  March 22, 2020
In a March 13 interview with USA Today, Grace VanderWaal said she wrote her song, “Today and Tomorrow,” on the...
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Go green with McDonald’s latest St. Patrick’s Day creation: Oreo Shamrock McFlurry

By Kristima Aryal  /  March 19, 2020
Although St. Patrick’s Day has passed, and Americans are living under the coronvirus threat, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy...
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The one in which I’m excited for the ‘Friends’ reunion

By Isaac Choi  /  March 18, 2020
“So no one told you life was gonna be this way …” “I’ll be there for you.” Yes, those iconic...
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Netflix’s new Top 10 features ease subscribers’ viewing choices

By Andrew Park  /  March 18, 2020
Adults have Rotten Tomatoes to go to if they ever need to find out what critics think about a recently...
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Despite cliche elements, Pixar’s first fantasy production, ‘Onward,’ moves with dramatic flair

By Hope Li  /  March 15, 2020
Although Disney/Pixar’s “Onward” has a predictable redemptive plot, the wholesome film impressively crafts a time-conscious story containing multiple layers within...
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“Parasite” will not be the last movie from South Korean film industry to win Oscar’s “Best Picture” award

By Elijah Jhee  /  February 24, 2020
Ninety-two years. That’s how long The Academy Awards have been awarding Oscars to prestigious movies and directors in the film...
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K-pop spotlight has its repercussions

By Chloe Lee  /  February 19, 2020
With the new BTS album coming out, BTS’ massive fan base will get to view the seven-member band’s public lives...
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