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What is your favorite TikTok song?
What is your favorite TikTok song?
What is your favorite TikTok song?

Not much of a rise in creative storytelling for final installment of Star Wars saga

By Andrew Park  /  December 23, 2019
A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away … As much as this symbolic opening comes to...
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Newcomer Layton Greene’s debut EP captures listeners’ attention with songs about her rough childhood, broken relationships

By Sydnee Tallant  /  December 19, 2019
Teenagers love to listen to music and often bump out to rap songs with no meaning such as “In the...
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Cute, cliche but crazy ‘Last Christmas’ wins over hearts despite unlikely plot

By Hanna Oltman  /  December 11, 2019
In recent years, it seems that romantic comedies have taken an indefinite sabbatical (at least from the big screens). So...
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Sunny Hills’ hype cold toward ‘Frozen II’

By Casey Seon  /  November 15, 2019
Let it go, let it go Can’t hold it back anymore Let it go, let it go Turn away and...
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‘Parasite’ offers a host of themes that’s Oscar-worthy

By Andrew Park  /  November 8, 2019
Par•a•sit•ism “One in which a parasite obtains benefits from a host, which it usually injures,” according to This is...
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‘Tall Girl’ falls short on sentimental moments but offers lots of laughs

By Charis Lee  /  November 5, 2019
She has blond hair and blue eyes and looks stunning, but one thing sets 17-year-old Jodi Kreyman apart from others...
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Halloween opens doors for extreme haunted houses in Fullerton

By Hannah Kim  /  October 23, 2019
It’s extreme, physically demanding and not for the faint of heart. The 17th Door, marketed as a haunted house, is...
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CBS’ ‘Evil’ offers spooks for Halloween

By Hannah Jeong  /  October 21, 2019
Evil takes on a new definition as CBS’s latest horror TV show delves to answer unnerving questions about the roots...
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Fall musical ’Sister Act’ to be staged off campus — just one of many firsts for Sunny Hills’ theater program

By Daniel Kong  /  October 16, 2019
This fall’s musical, “Sister Act,” will have several firsts for theater teacher Amanda Gieser. First time the performances will be...
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‘Joker’ evokes sympathy from audience despite concerns over violence backlash

By Annie Bang  /  October 16, 2019
Expertly capturing the haunting psychology and disturbed mind of arguably the most infamous antagonist in Detective Comics history, the newest...
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Northern California singer offers a ‘masquerade’ of new songs in debut album

By Aaliyah Magana  /  October 15, 2019
Chinese-American singer mxmtoon succeeds in her first, self-released album, the masquerade, comprising 10 songs followed by 10 in acoustic format....
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New ‘Office Ladies’ podcast worth a listen; reunites fans of hit NBC series

By Michelle Buckley  /  October 15, 2019
As a fan of NBC’s “The Office,” I, among many others, was upset when I first heard the show would...
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Taking a bite into Popeyes’ ‘sold out’ viral chicken sandwiches

By Andrew Ngo  /  October 6, 2019
For three weeks during August, Popeyes’ chicken sandwich craze went viral over the internet before, according to the restaurant’s social...
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Disney aims to keep its magic going with new streaming content come November

By Hope Li  /  September 17, 2019
Disney will release its own streaming service, Disney+, on Nov. 12 that will feature original content from Disney, National Geographic,...
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Despite its pleasant atmosphere, Cafe Mak’s breads sell out too quickly in the afternoon

By Rebecca Choi  /  September 13, 2019
Replacing the Korean bakery, Cake House, Cafe Mak Bakery has opened in Buena Park, offering assorted breads, cakes and drinks...
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