The Accolade regrets the following errors from the Aug. 31 print issue:

In a page 5 Feature infographic titled, “MORE NEW STAFF,” school psychologist Hether Henderson comes to campus every Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

In a page 5 Feature caption for a picture above the article titled, “from student TO TEACHER,” science teacher Christopher Ghareebo should have been identified as a geophysics and biology teacher.

In a page 4 Feature infographic titled, “How is your high school experience,” the response for “I was kind of motivated. It was more like because I was chosen I became motivated” should have been attributed to Magdelene Kho.

In a page 10 Sports article titled, “ALUM RETURNS,” athletics director Jon Caffrey said David Wilde remains the head coach of wrestling. Walter Lindo’s official title is that of an assistant coach.

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